A song about Cherokees

A song I remember fondly from a 1960s childhood. It’s that familiar I even know the words. It rarely comes up these days, and may even be considered disrespectful for all I know.

In recent years I’ve attempted to look it up, but I’ve never known who it was by and wasn’t able to find it. Thank you to Sounds of the 60s for playing it a few months ago. I instantly recognised it as the song I’d been trying to track down. Key to finding it was identifying the band as the New Christy Minstrels.

The music is by Burt Bacharach, and the song dates from 1961

Rush Hour

This is from 1988 and new to me. No uncertainty, no doubts over not quite being able to place it. A genuinely new track, heard as I drove to Bristol – with a sense of optimism – on 14 July. Don’t often listen to Jeremy Vine but that was the timeslot in which I was travelling so there you go.

It certainly seemed 80s, but when I looked it up and saw the name Jane Wiedlin, I thought Jane, who ?

Pearl Handled Revolver

Had a magical few hours at Peterborough’s Willow Festival last night. Warm sunshine, and a varied mix of great music, combined to make a great evening.

Kerry Devine offered a strong female voice and good backing band. Lots to like but my standout favourite was a slow, vocal-driven version of House of the Rising Sun. Then to the opposite end of the site to see Motor City Vipers, who played a brilliant set of Motown and soul songs – perfect material for such an event. Especially liked Tears of a Clown – a long-standing favourite – which manages to contain several killer tunes within the one song.

Then to a lesser stage to see this outfit. They were more primal than the polished sound on display here. They had a great sound, were enjoying themselves hugely – one of those rare moments where the actual songs didn’t matter. What’s more the equally appreciative Motor City Vipers frontman was able to nudge his partner and point out his proximity to me in the audience

Back to the main stage for the closing act who provided very good covers of very good songs, including Teen Spirit, and Alright Now.

A psychedelic slice of existentialist angst

Tom Robinson always did have a way with words.

Or I could have borrowed: ‘The anxiety of Radiohead with the seismic swagger of Oasis’.

Regular readers (as I fondly imagine) will spot this as sourced from an Introducing Mixtape. 2014 sees a change in how I organise the mixtape on the blog. Youtube video clips and soundcloud audio clips from independent bands are readily available, the mixtape itself has a good website, and there’s no longer any need for me to maintain a separate page. So, good songs will simply be aired here – although I will retain a mixtape archive for 2013 and before.

Update – India Mill have been in touch (he said, modestly), pointed out that this is to be released as a single in September, at which point a video will be available

I should have known this song’s name sooner

People rarely come up to me and ask me favourite Beatles song.

But if they did I’d say – yes I do have one, I know it from the film A Hard Day’s Night, it’s the one performed on the train.

A few days ago I concluded I had reached a stage in life where I really ought to be able to definitively identify it. A few seconds on google, and here we are