Orchestre du Mont-plaisant

Cerys Matthews is a fan.

We could call them afro/punk or folk/world, or go with these descriptions found on their website:

You’d reckon to be listening to 2 fifths The Doors (sleazy organ and stomp bass) 1 fifth Hank Marvin, and 1 splendidly gelling fifth of cajun (ish) accordian. The fifth fifth sets all in head bopping motion with perfectly uncomplicated yet striking chops. An uplifting gem of coalescent enterprise.

The sounds emanating from those 8 hands were magical. There are hints of African High Life, Guiro-led percussion, an organ playing arabib sounds that I couldn’t quite place and a fabulously swinging latin rhythm section.

Another self-referential song

Ipod on this morning listening to the 10 November Introducing Mixtape. Standout track was this one. What’s more it had extra appeal on account of being self-referential – just like the previous post.

I can’t help but be numerical and say that 5% of me potentially finds the lyric annoying. So 19 times out of 20 I’ll 100% love it