18 August Introducing Mixtape – Billie Marten

So there I was, in i-tunes, merrily clicking away to update my podcasts. Strangely nothing came across the airwaves for the Introducing Mixtape. A quick check on Fresh On The Net confirmed that said mixtape was indeed ready. Sadly there is no i-tunes button for ‘if-you-take-another-look-I-think-you’ll-find-something-after-all’.

It was necessary to save the file then import it, meaning that it’s regarded as a ‘song’, so losing the neat podcast filing structure. Fortunately it was all worth – this being the first of two winners

I wish I was in Tijuana – eating barbecued iguana

I’ve always liked Camouflage as a quirky pop song.

And I’ve always appreciated this song for its quirkiness.

Side by side it’s screamingly obvious that they are linked by the very wonderful Stan Ridgway. But it was only yesterday – thanks to youtube – that I finally made the link after all these years. It was released as a single in 1983, and that reminds me I came across it while living in Sydney

Now That’s What I Call Music 7 (1 of 2)

Regular readers will remember that my knowledge of 1980s pop is a little hit-and-miss on account of my travels. I’m not too bad on 1986 as my record collection includes a double cassette version of Now That’s What I Call Music 7.

It’s not every day that my cassette player sees the light of day – so thank you Tony Blackburn for playing this on Pick Of The Pops a few weeks back

Talking of Black Sabbath…

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.

What to say.

Well it’s the output of classic Sabbath lineup: Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward.

It’s got to be one of the heaviest, and most metallic, songs out there. And yet – and yet – there’s a melodic, sing-along quality about it too. Quite accessible in its own way.

What we have here is a 2013 cover by tribute band, Children of the Gravy (!), who state:

Our aim is to provide you a rock-solid, authentic show, featuring an array of Ozzy-era Sabbath classics, with a large helping of humour thrown in.

Might try to track them down in Tredegar, Pontypridd, or Maesteg

Interesting to hear this out of context

And what would ‘in context’ mean, I hear you ask.

For in context we are talking track 8 of Black Sabbath Vol 4 from 1972. A band, an album, and an era I’m especially fond of.

What brought it to more recent attention was hearing it played on Cerys Matthews’ Sunday morning show. It was strange hearing it ‘standalone’ and made me appreciate it more. It really is rather lovely