A classic of garage rock

As the youtube introduction says: Dirty Water was first recorded by California band The Standells in 1966 and composed by their producer, Ed Cobb. It is considered a classic of garage rock. The song is a mock paean to the city of Boston and its then-famously polluted Boston Harbor and Charles River.

One of those songs that made me think ‘wow’ when played by Mary Ann Hobbs.

I’ve picked this clip for good sound quality, despite the mismatch with a poor quality video

Did consider a trip to Indiana

Philip Glass has created plenty of material and I’m familiar only with some. At its best it has the quality of beauty and perfection.

I think it was early year 2000 when father, brother and I went to an amateur – music only – production of Philip Glass opera Akhnaten at Bath University. It was profoundly wonderful, remains a concert highlight to this day, and I’ve been on the look out for it ever since.

If I remember right it was staged in Adelaide a few years back, firmly placing it in the ‘too far’ bracket. But when it came up in Indiana in 2013 (from which this clip is taken) I did get as far as checking airfares and the precise location of the concert hall.

So when I saw that early 2015 offers the chance to see it at much closer quarters I snapped up a ticket at the very earliest opportunity. Fingers crossed that it lives up to (high) expectations

Sebright Arms – sold out

I periodically check Nadine Shah’s website for gigs.

Not periodically enough it seems. After a few months of inactivity she says she’s doing a small one-off at the Sebright Arms (London) in January to try out songs for a new album. It sold out quickly but it’s good to see the suggestion of more activity and possible tours next year