Chocolate cake

1. I made a chocolate cake today.

2. Ingredient-wise is chocolate or cocoa better ? This one had cocoa – and I believe that’s my preference. You get flavour while retaining a light sponge. It’s all a matter of taste, but I think it beats the more intense hit – but stodgier texture – you get from chocolate. This is the kind of tip you tend not to get by simply following recipes – which is why I like books such as this one by Xanthe Clay – and why both daughters are set up with a copy.

3. I couldn’t help but think of ‘I’m Going To Make A Cake’ – my favourite track from the Philip Glass soundtrack album to ‘The Hours‘. The versions below are: (i) original music to images of New York – they don’t combine particularly well – but the quality is good, and (ii) a great piano version with less-than-good sound quality.

4. By coincidence (I am genuinely struck), ‘The Hours’ is on telly tonight.


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