A deathly hush…

…does seem to have befallen this blog. Well, what with gateway 2, GIB, TMA04, and the need to sign up for an undergraduate 10-pointer such as TM190, it has been difficult to summon the creative energy.

So I’ll take the easy route and post a youtube video – which prompted the thought that this would be one of many I could have chosen. ‘How many might that be ?’ – a question that doesn’t seem to have an immediate answer (not on google search page 1) – so I’ll let that one go for now.

I like finding alternative versions on youtube, and can be a bit obsessive over identifying the ‘best’ – or ‘most interesting’ – variant. Here I have done the work for you and commend this version of (Donna Summer’s version of) a song that – may – on occasion – have the capacity to reduce me to jelly:


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