This blog will feature more pictures.

We had a posh – but unreliable – digital SLR – and were looking for a replacement that combined almost-as-good quality with much better portability. It seems that this is a growing sector of the market, so that on checking online, the sheer range of possibilities was daunting.

It was actually a real person at John Lewis who suggested the Canon Powershot G12, and this turned out to be an excellent recommendation, following comprehensive (!) road-testing. It even has a small viewfinder, an SLR throwback that I wanted to cling on to – but I’m pleased to say that I’m now fully-conversant with the LCD screen.

A remaining item of mystery is why posh cameras struggle in low-light, whereas much simpler cameras seem to have no trouble. The G12 copes well in these conditions, and has enabled pictures that I simply wouldn’t have attempted on the SLR.

Time for a couple of practice shots on items that were close at hand:

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