Sweep (and new year’s resolutions)

The resolutions of a year ago included something along the lines of being more organised with our digital photos – and making better use of them. Actually our photos are at least capable of being better organised in that they are all in the same place (adding significance to secondary resolutions concerning the frequency of backups).

I find myself acting on these 2010 resolutions and have come across a rather nice sequence featuring Sweep.

The outgoing personality of our ginger/white cat (amusingly named ‘Pringle’ in a former life) combined with Sweep’s black-ness (a case of: ‘the light pours into him’ perhaps) mean that pictures of Zapp vastly outnumber those of poor Sweep, making this set important.

I shall adopt the approach of a rival blog and insert an anthropomorphic commentary.


I have more patience than my gingery friend

I will not walk a few feet to the left and scratch on the window

If I concentrate on the handle it may just open
(and I maintain superiority)

I am open to begging (just this once mind)

Come on now

This is my best and final offer

For this I require instant attention and my place in the blogosphere


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