The Big Issue (and new year’s resolutions)

If you asked what I thought of The Big Issue I would say it was a great example of self-help at its best.

If you asked when I last bought a Big Issue I would have to admit that I had never bought one.

On London work days my journey brings me out at Westminster tube station, where I pass a Big Issue seller, who often manages to catch my eye. I walk past, thinking that I really ought to be supporting the general idea, and this individual.

It wasn’t a new year’s resolution exactly, but owes something to the spirit of the new year, that on my train into Kings Cross yesterday I dug out the necessary coinage (plus Oyster card, pass, and 50p for milk).

Now in its 21st year, and issued every Monday, it costs the seller £1.25, and the buyer £2.50.

As they say: ‘a hand up, not a handout’.

I see that the magazine has been overhauled ‘to create a radical, bold, new-look Big Issue that builds on the irreverent, provocative and spirited reputation we’ve established over two decades’. The first such edition is out on 16 January.


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