Wasting away – at 5 grammes a day

Zapp started his diet on 7 December, at 6.97 kg.

He eats weight-loss food (the more you eat the more you lose), based on a measured dose, with strictly no top-ups when it runs out each day. Things went well up to a point, and then we hit a patch where he was less interested in his food, and we thought he might be finding his own top-ups with neighbours.

As it was Christmas we benefited from the creative presence of a daughter, who designed this flyer for distribution:

A weighing ceremony on 26 January put him at 6.71 kg.

This is 260 g in 50 days, or 5 grammes a day, meaning that he will evaporate in a puff of smoke on 8 August 2015. (This is what they call ‘applied mathematics’).

Zapp’s rations have now been – adjusted.

We hope cat borstal can be avoided.


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