The 6 Music Introducing podcast sometimes features a mixtape – a back-to-back collection of assorted tunes. You sometimes get these when the main programme is off the air. The Christmas mixtape introduced me to Grasscut, with music dating from late 2010.

The track in question doesn’t have instant pop appeal, but there’s a haunting quality to it which creates its own hook. High Down isn’t perfect, with its mix of quiet and loud. The quiet sections are lovely, but the loud bits get in the way. This led me to see what else I could find on myspace and youtube.

They issued a CD in 2010, ‘1 inch / ½ mile’ generating review comments along these lines:

Grasscut are the perfect riposte for those who doubt electronic music’s capacity to be romantic, nostalgic and human.

One of that select band of artists who are making genuinely daring music that still remains an accessible and enjoyable listen.

Epic and immersive, 1 Inch: 1/2 Mile captures something profound about an England caught anxiously between technology and nostalgia.

Grasscut brilliantly re-imagine the landscape in glitches, crashing percussion, snatches of old 78s and disconcerting sampled voices.

Folk song samples, the plummy pronunciation of BBC announcers and plenty of talk about the war [meets] big beats, bleeps and buzz saw analogue synths.

So here is High Down:

For further reading we have the band’s myspace page, and on Amazon there’s an unusually critical product description (the complaint being incoherence of the whole), plus the more expected positive comments and customer reviews.

For further youtubing we have this interesting set:

The Tin Man
Swallow The Day
Blink In The Night
The Door In The Wall

Each has its own particular appeal.

Perhaps you will find your favourite before I find mine.


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