Jonathan Ross & Graham Norton

It may surprise you to hear that I adored Jonathan Ross’s Saturday-morning show on Radio 2, which ran from 1999 to 2010. I enjoyed good guests, the plentiful charm, and an interesting selection of music.

His other output did little – no, make that nothing – for me. But that’s because the TV chat show format, and guest list, did not appeal.

All of which translates directly to Graham Norton. The parallels are slightly different, because Jonathan Ross played really good music, and often had guests with a musical connection; whereas with Graham Norton the focus is less musical. All of which means that this blog is unlikely to feature posts where I thank Graham Norton for playing X.

This post breaks that rule.

This Saturday, Graham played a sort-of-familiar track, which I thought was going to turn into Al Stewart’s Year of the Cat.  When it didn’t – I realised I couldn’t name the tune.  One of life’s mysteries – or is it just an age thing ? By which I mean – that beyond a certain age – even with a tune as effortlessly memorable as this, that details such as band / singer / title / year simply do not register ?


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