In praise of: Lakeland and potassium hydroxide

One of the joys of our new oven – 14 months ago – was the door – which had glass so transparent it just wasn’t true. Time has passed and the door has acquired a general brown speckle that everyday cleaning has not removed. So the time came for a systematic search for some oven door cleaner.

One of the problems of modern life is too much consumer choice. Be it coffee, or crisps, or even toothbrushes – the sheer range of options can overwhelm. So I thought I’d have no trouble finding suitable candidates for the task in hand.

I visited John Lewis. I visited Lakeland. No shortage of kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaners, oven cleaners, window cleaners – but absolutely nothing for oven doors. Not in Sainsbury’s or Tesco either.

Online I tried a general google search. nothing immediately leapt out – but wait – here’s a mumsnet thread that might point in the right direction. Somebody recommended using a crumbled dishwasher tablet as cheap and effective. And another post recommended this:

It’s a Lakeland product, available online rather than off the shelf.

You apply the gel, wait, then – the moment of truth – wipe away.

The result was – extraordinary !

7 thoughts on “In praise of: Lakeland and potassium hydroxide

  1. I usually don’t leave comments on blogs, because I view them through Google Reader. (I probably should more often, so that you folks know how faithfully I follow and appreciate your sharing.) However, I clicked through directly to this post so that I could say…the same thing I found Julia had already gotten to! Your public is clamoring for pictures of these extraordinary results!

    • Many thanks for this – good to hear from you – nice to get this kind of encouragement so thanks again. I will add a supplementary post – soon !

  2. Just seen the other comments also asking for pictures…doh! Damn my own impetuous nature and its ability to make me seem like just a follower rather than an instigator.

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