Peter, his blog: Post-Implementation Review

This blog was born in June 2011, had no predecessors, and so – 9 months on – is due for a Post-Implementation Review (PIR). What were the original objectives ? Have they been met ? What about benefits realisation ? How’s it all turned out ?

I’ll focus on 3 key areas: title, sub-title, the ‘About’ page, and finish with a conclusion or two.

1. Title

‘Peter, his blog’ says what it does, and does what it says (thank you, Barack), and stays.

Its origins may be found in this previous post.

2. Sub-title

‘Tunes, gigs n trips’ no longer does it, and misleads.

Tunes are important to me. Several posts feature youtube clips. And I’m really pleased with the 6 Music Introducing pages, which give me a valued reference list to favourites I have picked out since early 2009 (there’s still a little more work needed on 2008). There are some absolutely cracking songs here, and you are most welcome to dip in and see what you find.

Gigs means gigs that I attend: I’m not in a band. Gigs primarily refers to music, but the idea is sometimes broadened to more general events. The pattern is that I become aware of a gig, it triggers my interest, I look at the practicalities, see who else might be interested, and then sign up. If I were younger I’d perhaps proactively track down some of the artists I’m drawn to in the world of 6 Music Introducing. The 2011 page provides a complete listing – and it’s really useful for me to have the list written down – because it’s so easy to forget. I’m so pleased with 2011: all were worthwhile in their own way, and only in a very few cases did I have clear pre-knowledge of what I would be getting – if that makes sense.

Trips are important to me. If money were no object then that’s how I’d fill (a large part of) my time. As money is an object I don’t go on nearly enough (!), and it makes more sense to include them as general posts.

3. The ‘About’ page

In essence this is what it says:

My blog features: links to recommended tunes, a diary of gigs & concerts, a diary of trips & travels. It started on 15 June 2011 – so still early days. Thanks to TB & JH for getting me started.

So the original idea was to have reference areas – you could say a themed diary. The reference pages are worthwhile – mainly to me – but I had no idea of what I would post about. And that has been the real learning point.

I use tags but not categories. As a mathematical soul, categorisation is all – so this is something to bring in, while keeping it simple.

4. Conclusions

The sub-title has to go.

Can’t think of a suitable replacement, so perhaps just leave it blank.

A small tidy-up of the page structure is required.

I need to update ‘About’, and identify some categories.

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