King’s Cross pix (5)

Homeward bound.

The new area is for departures, and you head up a level

Then you’re out onto a completely new high walkway that runs left-right across the platforms, with escalators and lifts down to trains. The walkway provides a completely new vantage point, explaining the possible presence of a rail enthusiast

You don’t have to be a rail enthusiast to enjoy views like this though

Then it’s down the escalator to the 1906 waiting at platform 6

Note the roof coverings behind which further restoration continues

Time to shatter the illusion.

Obviously I’m a fan of all this – but what is it about escalators ?

The picture above was taken on day 1 – and the escalator worked.

And what of day 2 I hear you ask ? Well, sad to say, the escalator was roped off on day 2 – the only alternative being a lift – which – because I was the only one around: fitted the bill.

The escalator was roped off on day 3 as well. This time we were about 10 in number – easily 3 lift-loads – so the only thing to do was to raise the rope, walk down the escalator, and chalk one up for people power.


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