Lakeland and potassium hydroxide – revisited

My previous post on this subject generated considerable interest (defined as more than 1 comment).

I observed that a cleaning product had done a particularly good job on my oven door, which generated some enquiries (note valid use of plural) as to whether there was a photographic record of this event – perhaps on a before / during / after basis.

I can confirm no ‘before’ or ‘during’ pictures, but we do now have some for ‘after’.

I’m posting them less to illustrate the cleaning powers of said product, and more for artistic reasons. It turns out that photographing an oven door produces some interesting effects. This is partly because:

  • I placed a (Jamie Oliver) cookbook inside.
  • The camera interprets Jamie Oliver’s picture as a portrait.
  • There’s quite a bit of reflection in the door.
  • The camera picks up some of the patterning built into the glass.

To note: me, Mr Oliver, breakfast bar, stools

To note: radiator, briefcase, camera, flowers

Key message: ‘anyone can learn to cook in 24 hours’

To note: Suki’s box/bed

Neff ovens are recommended as per shameless product placement


3 thoughts on “Lakeland and potassium hydroxide – revisited

  1. Ha! That’s why this blog deserves readership…not only do you respond to reader demand, but you use the opportunity to create something entirely new and interesting.

    So, to contribute to the new topic: There are so many amazing effects in photography, and I have no idea how to intentionally make them happen. When they do, it is usually a happy accident, as though some small and irreproducible miracle has occurred as I held the device in my hands. My family knows that when I’m behind the camera, about 12 attempts result in 1 usable photo. I still have fun though, and Mollie and the kids are usually kind enough to allow me the extra time. Clever effect – bravo!

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