6-Music Introducing – end of an era

6-Music Introducing (Fresh On The Net) is a radio programme I’ve never actually listened to. It’s on in the small hours of Sunday and Monday mornings – way past my bedtime. It’s beginnings go back to October 2007, and it has been through several iterations since then. The current format has run since October 2008.

The show is presented by Tom Robinson, and the content is music produced by unknown / unsigned musicians and bands, doing their own thing, on the internet.

I’m not sure when the podcasts started but my earliest is 11 May 2008. For me the programme has fulfilled its mission ‘to provide a guide to new tunes that could be heard legally and for free online’, and has opened my eyes to ‘the huge variety of fascinating talent to be found on the wilder fringes of cyberspace’.

The program finished as a conventional radio show on 1 April. It continues – in different form – as a 1-hour music only ‘mixtape’, and also as a volunteer-run music blog. So – with luck – my experience will perhaps not change too much – and I’ll still get my podcast.

The blog’s new website has a great piece, by Tom Robinson, aimed at budding songwriters – about the Breakthrough Song.

This piece would not be complete without an admittedly-over-the-top-but-entirely-justified-in-it’s-enthusiasm recommendation for an absolutely stonking / fantastic / brilliant / amazing song from the 18 March podcast. I give you A Night and a Day by Pepe Deluxé (and a video featuring – if youtube comments are to be believed – Miss Dominican Republic 2008 !):


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