Our gingery friend

Spring sunshine brings out the camera.

And what better subject than Zapp, as photogenic as ever.

I know what you’re thinking.

He’s lost a bit of weight hasn’t he ?

Indeed he has: Zapp’s diet is well and truly underway.

In a previous post I noted weight loss at 5 grammes a day. In a remarkable display of consistency this rate has been maintained exactly. On 2 April Zapp weighed in at 6.37 kg, meaning he has lost 600 grammes in the 117 days since 7 December (thank you Excel), at 5.1 grammes a day.

At this rate he:

  • Reaches 5.5 kg on 19 September.
  • Reaches 5 kg on 25 December (!).
  • Disappears in a puff of smoke on 27 August 2015.


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