Talk to the fourth

The song in question is Talk Talk, by the band of the same name.

It crops up on the radio occasionally, and I recognise it, think ‘that’s nice’, but can’t quite place it. For that reason I assume it dates from the time when I lost track of the pop charts – which I suppose covers most of the period since around 1990.

This time – with wikipedia and youtube at my fingertips – I decided to check it out. It turns out that Talk Talk dates from April 1982, and didn’t reach the top 20, despite two bites at the cherry in that year. This was when I was travelling in India and Nepal, as mentioned in other posts. This goes some way towards explaining why the song didn’t make my radar, although it’s strange that the band remain stubbornly unfamiliar.

Here’s a link to a 1986 concert in Montreux: ‘Talk Talk’ is on first.


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