Blog 1 year old – yet to go viral

Happy first birthday to this blog: a tangible outcome (in a virtual sort of way) of an enjoyable family holiday in Spain last year.

The intentions of a year ago were to build a set of index-type pages to form some kind of reference library, mainly for my benefit, but which might be of interest to others. Writing posts wasn’t really on the agenda. All kinda strange I know – but what I had in mind is present in the form of the 6 Music Introducing pages, which provide – ahem – a wonderful selection of musical highlights stretching back 4 years.

Since then I’ve found the world of blog-post writing really rather absorbing, although some ambitions have had to be reined in. I’ve wanted to explore / understand / simplify topics including global finance and nuclear accidents: these are currently on the back burner due to plenty going on, such as a dissertation due this year on the history of modern geometry. (Modern covers the period from 1800, when the geometry of Euclid underwent a bit of a revolution – but that – as they say – is another story).

It’s not over-stating things to say that blogging does help you to see life differently. More on that later, perhaps.

I am yet to go viral.

Talking of blogs going viral, here’s an example: NeverSeconds

If you’re not familiar with the (very recent) story: a nine-year-old girl has been blogging about her school dinners, with photos and ratings. The blog has attracted plenty of attention.  So much so, that the local council got cold feet and banned her from taking photographs. And this attracted even more attention – causing the council to – er – rethink.

Here’s the BBC’s version of the story; the BBC also came up with this angle they call the Streisand Effect.


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