Awesome, suck, and the JWST

I went to a project management conference this week.

No – really – it was actually pretty good. There was, for example, a presentation from Virgin Galactic, whose first trip into space is a snip at $200,000, and is perhaps 18 months away. We also had ‘some bloke from NASA’ who explored the significance of social and political risk to the really big projects – an example being the Large Hadron Collider: how on earth do you get governments, and the public, sufficiently ‘on-side’ to gain the necessary funding and support, over a sustained period, for a project whose immediate ‘payback’ is not obvious ?

The NASA talk covered the relevance of social media, and how it can provide democratic access to initiatives, issues and debates: a rather wonderful example provided by this youtube clip:

The secondary educational impact was that I had not actually heard of the James Webb Space Telescope ! I am now better informed, having checked the official website and the wikipedia entry.

Talking of wikipedia, here’s the link to Hank Green.


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