Marcus’s irony meter

The Marcus in question is Brigstocke: one of the regulars in the consistently excellent ‘Now Show’ – another from the BBC radio 4 stable that I catch as a weekly podcast.

Marcus noted the current economic outlook:

It might not be our fault – but we’re in a pickle bigger than Eric Pickles – inside the world’s biggest pickle at the international festival of massive pickles – with a man playing a piccolo.

He then referred to some recent comments by the Prime Minister:

But when I heard this inherited multi-millionaire ex-Etonian – talking about a culture of entitlement – well I’m sorry – but my irony meter went through the red – and then exploded in a gale of bitter laughter.

I was furious – because I’ve only just had a new irony meter installed – after Rebekah Brooks complained about how she’d been unfairly reported by the British press. (It went off with some force that morning…)

Great stuff !

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