If you’re thinkin’ you’re too cool to boogie, Boy oh boy have I got news for you

The plan was to post on the theme of 1978 – based on a mention of A Taste of Honey’s Boogie Oogie Oogie – with a quick youtube rendition of the ‘disco classic’.

There’s no shortage of youtube versions, and the initial set of 10 needed to be carefully weighed in the balance, a winner picked, and suitably linked. (All of this while not losing too much momentum on my geometry dissertation).  Picking a winner proved impossible – after some ruthlessness I am left with 6 versions: 2 studio, and 4 live.

Key learning points:

  • On closer inspection B.O.O. is simply stunning.
  • I had no idea that the two women are playing guitar and bass (in this I’m not alone – as youtube comments verify).
  • B.O.O. sold two million copies (but where does that leave the remaining 6,998 million of us).
  • A handful of songs raise goose-pimples – but B.O.O. is on a higher plane – just thinking about it had the effect (yesterday anyway).

Here’s classy musicianship and amazing performance (girl power ?):

This studio version has great audio and describes itself as a videography (a word that doesn’t get too many outings):

If you have a spare moment, and seek a feelgood moment, then here are the other four: there’s a (live) 4:40 midnight special, a (live) 5:13 version from 2004, a (studio) 8:12 Luongo remix, and a (live) 10:33 live version.


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