Ragnhild Nordset

Or perhaps I should credit Mario Leal ?

Either way there’s an interesting juxtaposition between my last post eulogising a disco classic from 1978. It’s a great song that I’ve enjoyed rediscovering. Quite clearly though it’s a crowd-pleaser – no criticism intended by that term.

I’ve just come across a new song that’s just as powerful – with an immediate and irresistible appeal all of it’s own – that’s more difficult to pin down. And it’s at the other end of the spectrum in many ways – youtube views 442 – soundcloud plays 93.

This is another from the 6 Music podcast – which I listen to on headphones. There are some songs that simply work better on headphones – electronica is that little bit punchier. ‘You started it all’ is in this category – there’s a continuing piano note which has a gentle insistence – that doesn’t quite translate over to speaker-land.

As is often the case I know (almost) nothing about the artist – but here are a few words from soundcloud:

Ragnhild Nordset is a Norse singer/songwriter possessing a sweet, soaring voice, known to captivate and move her audience. She weaves intricate melodies with her emotive vocals to create a unique sound. Ragnhild’s new recordings are a collaboration with electronic producer Mario Leal, who has reworked her original tracks, creating unconventional songs of beauty, laced with dark undertones.

So this song is perhaps not typical of her output.

For google purposes also try ragz or ragzmusic.

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