This post represents the shortest gap between being truly inspired, and blogging about it.

Thank yous are due to: 6 Music, Tom Robinson, Sheffield, and Stuart Maconie. In fact, if you’ve just been listening to 6 Music there’s no need to read further – you can stop right here.

I dip into the station now and then and don’t really know my way around the schedule, so tuning in can be hit and miss. However the last two hours have been solidly amazing, with a show hosted by Tom Robinson, and ‘curated’ (!) by Martyn Ware of the original Human League, who later formed Heaven 17. The music celebrated Sheffield, and finished with the ever-rousing Common People, from Pulp.

As the schedule switched over to Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone, I was rather cross that the end of Common People was cut – to make way for something very different – and utterly delightful.

Better was to come, though. The song turns out to be the sonification of the higgs boson by those clever people at CERN:

For more on sonification – turning mathematical data into melody – follow this link to the Large Hadron Collider Open Symphony.


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