Life-changing TV programme ?

That’s rather a strong suggestion, I know, especially as my life hasn’t been changed as at this precise moment.

I learned of intermittent fasting via the BBC News website, in a piece promoting a documentary broadcast on 6 August 2012 in the Horizon series: ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer’ presented by Michael Mosley.

In the web piece I read about ADF – Alternate Day Fasting – where you ‘fast’ every other day. ‘Fasting’ does not mean eating nothing at all, but refers to consuming a restricted diet of 600 calories for men (500 for women). The presenter took the view this would be challenging to sustain, but was willing to consider a less onerous version: the 5:2 diet. With 5:2 you eat normally 5 days a week, and eat 600/500 calories on the other 2 days.

I had never thought about dieting in such a way, and became interested. The primary appeal being no requirement to ‘give up’ a whole set of foods that I still really enjoy. Plus I see value in being calorie-aware, and gaining a better understanding of nutrition.

So I decided to watch said episode of Horizon on i-Player. This coincided with a rather hectic period, just before a long holiday, and so I missed it. However, the full programme is available on youtube – which I duly watched. I will summarise the content in a separate post, but the outcome was a firm resolution to give 5:2 a go.

Please see these links for further reading and viewing:

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