The Omron BF508

Or ‘body composition monitor’.

Or posh bathroom scales.

There are some gadgets that for one reason or another have never made it into the household. Tumble drier for example. Or bathroom scales – up til now anyway. With a diet about to begin, it’s necessary to know my starting point.

On the 5:2 diet I eat normally for 5 days, and 600 calories on the other 2. The primary focus isn’t weight loss – it’s more about general health, and body make-up – but I am hoping to lose some weight as I go.

The idea is to hold the handle, enabling a weak electrical current to pass from feet through to hands, and so measure body fat as a percentage of body weight. The technique is clever enough to distinguish visceral fat – that surrounds internal organs – and which can lead to higher levels of fat in the bloodstream.

Being a good scientist I recognise it’s good to standardise when I measure – first thing in the morning – and that there will be some inherent day-to-day variation in my readings. So far, so good – in that my readings are high – but not through the roof !


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