New interest: calories

One of my reasons for trying the 5:2 diet is to gain a better understanding of the nutritional content of what I eat. And one of the – seeming – advantages of 5:2 is that I don’t have to give up high-calorie foods – such as (displaying my newly-gained knowledge): toad in the hole, brownies, christmas pudding.

Amazon helpfully pointed me towards:

And a jolly good introduction it has been. My current focus is solely calories, as 5:2 means eating normally for 5 days, and 600 calories for each of the other 2 days. I’ve also considered calorific value alongside my likes and dislikes, what I can easily prepare and take in to work, and the importance of portion control.

Initial research has pointed me in these directions.

Protein: chicken breast, tinned sardines (rather than tuna), boiled egg.

Fruit & salad: apples, nectarines and clementines (rather than higher-calorie bananas which I eat plenty of); tomatoes and celery; tomato juice (rather than higher-calorie fruit juice).

Suitable portions of: new potatoes, jacket potato, bread, crispbread, omelet, soup, and baked beans (which score highly in many respects).


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