A perfect half-day (in Nottingham)

It was only recently that I settled on what constitutes a perfect day.

What’s needed is a sequence of things / events that are well above average, or that turn out better than expected. In some ways that’s a fairly modest requirement – but it calls for a consistent sense of feeling ‘pleasantly surprised’ all day. It’s likely to mean a holiday – and I was especially aware that such a day was underway during a city break to Manchester in July 2011.

For a perfect half-day all we need is a sequence of 2-3 things to qualify – so for example the combination of a meal and concert could well do the trick – taking us to last weekend. We had tickets for Jesus Christ Superstar at Nottingham Arena. And as it’s 60 miles to Nottingham we don’t often get to eat at this stand-out Indian eatery:

Everything was simple and wonderful: lamb chops, a thali, nan – even the dhal. Praise be for an Indian that gets it right !

And it’s safe to say that Jesus Christ Superstar qualified as ‘well above average’. Here’s Ben Forster as Jesus:

Chris Moyles as Herod:

Additionally Tim Minchin as Judas:


I have been to Nottingham enough times to no longer get lost on the way in. Failing to find the A52 towards Grantham remains de rigeur on the way home. This trip was no exception – but this time – we did at least have a vague idea of where we had gone wrong, and how many miles this had added to the journey.

So even the ride home qualified as ‘better than expected’ !


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