My supermarket shop – and calories

With my 5:2 diet about to start, and armed with newly-acquired knowledge of calories, it was time to make my supermarket shop, and bring home the bacon. Well not bacon – rather some low calorie foods that will help me reach my target of two 600-calorie ‘fasts’.

I was rather pleased with the following finds.

The 600g of soup counts as two portions, but even the full carton is only 186 calories. I went out for tomato juice but found V8 which contains quite a bit of tomato, but as a blend is a bit more interesting. I remember V8 from 25 years ago from USA days. A small glass (150ml) of V8 has 30 calories.

I wouldn’t normally buy baked beans in such small quantities, but the 200g tin means that the portion control has been done. This reduced sugar and salt version has 140 calories.

Tinned fish can easily be taken to work for lunch. Both tins are 120g: sardines are 148 calories; pilchards 109.

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