You learn something new every day

Today’s case being the fact that Blondie’s Denis is a cover version of an earlier song – that I’d never heard of – namely Denise by Randy & the Rainbows. Thanks to Radio 2’s Sounds of the 60s for making this wonderful song known – as well as reminding me of Blondie circa 1978.

Wikipedia tells me that Randy & the Rainbows are a New York doo wop band, formed in 1962, including two pairs of brothers, named Safuto and Zero. Denise was a US hit in 1962.

There’s no shortage of audio versions of the original on youtube: this one, for example. Here’s a much more recent (2007 ?) live version which really is rather good:

And what of Blondie ? Well I’ve always liked Youth Nabbed As Sniper, from the same album as Denis. I was pleased to find a couple of versions on youtube that clearly show Blondie’s punk origins:

And follow this link for a similar – but slightly different – rendition of the same song.

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