5:2 diet – week 1 day 2

Day 2 of my 5:2 diet means fasting with a 600-calorie target – immediately following my first 600-calorie day (which actually came in at 659 calories).

First thing

I slept soundly. Boy did I sleep well !

I awoke refreshed, feeling good, ready to face the day, not at all hungry.

Breakfast – 200 calories

  • Boiled egg – 88
  • Apple (110g) – 52
  • Low fat yoghurt (50g) – 30
  • V8 juice (30ml) – 30

The same breakfast as yesterday – just with a slightly larger apple ! I was very conscious that achieving a 200-calories breakfast is all about getting portion control right. Again I found this breakfast to be satisfying, and left me naturally full.

Lunch – 210 calories

  • Chicken (120g) – 166
  • Tomatoes/celery/carrot/pepper – 44

The chicken had been simmered gently in water in the morning. Plain chicken was a bit bland to be honest, but more appealing than the sardines I’d had yesterday. Again the salad was a success.

As with yesterday this was caffeine-free, and I drank camomile tea as both a filler and a refreshing drink.

I felt much better as the afternoon wore on: day two was noticeably better in this respect than day one.

Dinner – 221 calories

  • Pumpkin ghoulash soup (whole 600g carton) – 186
  • Ryvita (1) – 35

The (commercial) soup was brilliant. Originally I’d planned to have half the carton, which is ‘officially’ one portion. However as the whole carton came in at only 186 calories, and as it was so wonderful I scoffed the lot ! It was warm and had an amazing smoky / paprika flavour – just what I wanted at the end of a long day ! Later I did again feel physically quite low, but less so than the day before, and with these effects felt later in the day.

Total calories: 631

Following morning

Again I slept extremely well !

Breakfast was rather good. Nothing special – but did I appreciate my coffee with bread / butter / marmalade. So I certainly enjoyed eating normally. But in many ways that’s all it felt like – eating normally. I wasn’t ravenous. I didn’t gorge on everything in sight. Eating that day was just – normal.


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