Lake Berryessa

Lake Berryessa is near San Francisco and exists as a result of the Monticello Dam, which was completed in 1958.

The dam has a spillway which releases excess water and prevents overflows. The spillway is 72 feet in diameter, and feeds into a tunnel 28 feet in diameter and 700 feet long. It’s nicknamed ‘Morning Glory’ or simply, the ‘Glory Hole’ (other forms are available, I’m told).

This captivating 13-second youtube clip shows it in action:

Sadly it seems that the spillway doesn’t come into use all that often: several pictures date from 2006.

Links to selected pictures:

Blog links for further reading:

I’m studying (the mathematics of) fluid flow with the Open University, and am grateful to a fellow student for bringing Lake Berryessa to my attention.

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