Christmas 2012 – three musical memories

Here are three tunes that will remind me of Christmas 2012.

I heard Sister by The Black Keys on 6 Music in the kitchen. It was immediately memorable and I made a note of it on the whiteboard. It turned up again when my brother bought my daughter the CD in question: El Camino, from 2011.  By the time it was played again on the radio it felt like an old friend. What a great track ! This audio version seems to be live and mono

This next one shows how far removed I’m becoming from mainstream media. I’d never heard of Gabrielle Aplin, had no knowledge of this year’s John Lewis ad, and was completely unaware this had recently reached number 1 in the UK singles chart. I did though recognise it as a cover of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s 1984 original.

(Apologies for the 15-second ad)

Finally this one from 6 Music. I’m not recommending it as such, but I’ve heard both it and it being discussed on sufficient occasions over Christmas, for it to have become a firm memory of 2012 !

There’s something pleasing about the relative popularity of these three. Youtube views are 40 thousand, 4 million, and 800 respectively. So – in order of magnitude terms – bending the numbers slightly – it’s almost correct to say that 1% of Gabrielle Aplin’s fans looked at The Black Keys, and 1% of that group looked at Cheddar Cheese.

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