5:2 diet – week 2

Week 1 taught me quite a bit about how to construct three 200-calorie meals, and about the physical – rather than psychological – effects. From week 2 I was able to standardise, which simplifies food shopping.


Boiled egg, small quantity of low fat natural yoghurt, small apple, and small portion of vegetable (V8) juice.

Effective because enjoyable and has ‘staying power’.


Simmered-in-water chicken and salad-type vegetables (carrot sticks, celery sticks, peppers, baby tomatoes, lettuce. I found it important to weigh the chicken, 100g being more than sufficient.

Slightly less effective because a bit bland.


Full 600g carton of a commercial low-calorie soup.

Effective because some of these soups really are very good, and a large quantity represents only around 200 calories.


Herbal tea (such as camomile) instead of milky tea and coffee.


In week 2 I felt pretty good both days: certainly physically stronger than the previous week.

My boss was moving on to better things and so there were plenty of nice cakes readily on offer. Usually I would have consumed far more more than my fair share of such goodies, but I was able to avoid the temptation in a way that felt normal.

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