Run-up to Christmas – collecting the turkey

On 23 December I collected the turkey from Northfield Farm, an enjoyable run from Peterborough that took me past Rutland Water

Desert Island Discs was on, a radio 4 program I only occasionally dip in to. It’s sometime the case that the subject is so interesting that the music is almost an interruption – as was true for Dawn French. I’m no fan of Dawn (in the sense that I’m not an avid follower), but she came across as warm, interesting, with a strong inner core: an inspiration.

Dawn’s last musical choice was Elbow’s anthemic One Day Like This. Elbow is a good example of a recent / current band – which – despite ticking all the boxes – simply refuses to enter my consciousness. I can never remember or recognise Elbow, or their songs – even one as powerful as One Day. This is an age / generational thing

Here we are at Northfield Farm, where I collected our Christmas turkey

Being a bit of a townie I don’t get to see pigs all that often, so here’s another picture. Truth be told I was rather taken by them as they clearly reacted positively to human presence


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