5:2 diet – first few weeks

My first fast day (of 600 calories) was 24 Oct 2012.

I started at 93.3 kg, general body fat 27.6%, and visceral fat 12%.

I weigh myself almost every day. I’m aware this isn’t recommended, and that readings vary from day-to-day – but wanted to see whether the diet was having an additional effect over and above daily variation. I weigh first thing. My routine involves letting the dog out, and because of Suki’s ‘rivalry’ with the dog next door I sometimes have to go out to ‘calm things down’ – meaning that weighing myself is actually my second activity – and involves a dressing gown.

In the first few weeks I could see that fasting had a dramatic instant effect on weight – which was then gradually erased on normal days. On each fast day I lost a kilo – so that’s 2 kg in two days. Pretty exciting – except that the weight then rose again, seemingly towards pre-diet levels. My average weight for 17-19 Nov was 91.8 kg, so the net effect was a little disappointing to be honest.

General body fat varied quite a bit and it was difficult to discern a pattern. Between 24 Oct and 19 Nov the maximum was 28.6% and the minimum 26.8%. The average for 17-19 Nov was 27.2%.

Visceral fat did show clear movement in the right direction, from 12% to 11%.

So these first few weeks seemed to be quite good, but perhaps not quite as dramatic as I might have anticipated. I’m pleased to say that the following month was to provide a more positive interpretation.


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