5:2 diet – up to Christmas

I started the 5:2 diet on 24 Oct 2012.

My height is 1.83 metres. The scales provide BMI (body mass index), which I record, but I find this measure abstract and tend to focus on weight. My start BMI was 27.9, the 17-19 Nov average was 27.4, and over this initial period it varied between 27.0 and 28.0.

As at mid-Nov it was obvious that fast days resulted in as much as a 1-kilo loss, but I was a little disappointed that the effect seemed to be lost in ensuing normal days. However I was happy to carry on for the time-being and monitor how things went. This meant fasting (600 calories) on two of the days (usually consecutive) between Monday and Friday, and eating normally on the other five.

A key breakthrough came when I transferred my readings into an Excel spreadsheet, and showed weight and general body fat as a graph. On weight it became immediately clear that there was a downward trend. Likewise for general body fat, although with much more variation. It was good to see the positive trend on general body fat, because there seems to be no rhyme or reason to changes from day to day.

It also dawned on me that a new dressing gown entered my life on 8 Nov. This is important because I weigh myself in my dressing gown, the new one is as luxuriant as they come (thank you John Lewis !), and the old one was pretty threadbare. The scientist in me really should have spotted this straight away. By itself the new gown weighs 1.7 kg and the difference between old and new is 800 g – which helps to explain those slightly disappointing first few weeks.

On weight the lowest was 88.2 kg, and the average (19-21 Dec) going in to Christmas was 88.7 kg.

On general body fat the lowest was 24.5%, and the 19-21 Dec average was 25.2%.

Visceral fat went down from 11% to 10%.


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