My blog has a new look: I’ve changed my wordpress theme from Contempt (since starting in June 2011) to Ari, which is (and I quote): ‘a beautifully designed minimalistic blog theme. It has a simple and classic look but under the surface it’s packed with cool features that will help you to customize the look of your blog’.

I nicked the idea for making the change from my daughter J’s blog. Having gained the idea I then spent far too long searching for just the right theme – there are well over 200 to choose from. I suppose I was looking for something clean, elegant and simple – however some of the minimalist options were a bit stark. At one point I even thought of going back to Contempt which has served me well and was clearly a lucky first choice. I also considered copying J’s new theme (Publish): imitation being the sincerest form of flattery.

It’s early days but it looks as though Ari provides a little more width, and so will display photos and embedded youtube clips just a little better. We shall see.

WordPress suggests ‘awesome blogs using Ari’ and I am happy to pass on their recommendations: Taste of Japan, and Japanese Anime Art.

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