1978 and 2013

Saturday wouldn’t be Saturday without Pick of the Pops at lunchtime on radio 2. More often than not I am struck by the sheer strength of the charts from my formative years. I loosely refer to the 1970s, although if I had to pick a more-precisely-defined ten-year period I’d probably go for 1972-1981.

Last week’s show featured the chart of 4 March 1978, which included: Bob Marley – Is This Love;  Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street; Blondie – Denis; ELO – Mr Blue Sky; Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights; Bee Gees – Staying Alive; Abba – Take A chance On Me. Not bad !

That said I’m also hugely enjoying music from 2013. The Introducing Mixtape of 11 February included five utterly extraordinary songs from small scale bands and singers operating in the very different arena of facebook, youtube, bandcamp, and soundcloud. These are listed in the ‘Tunes’ area of this blog.

Homework’s song The Edge of Control Was Black was reminiscent of early Human League, and I duly found myself drawn to Being Boiled. I’m delighted to be able to link this to 1978. The original version is from that year, which in itself is a useful reminder that there was plenty of brilliant stuff going on outside the Top 20. The version I know and love is actually this 1980 re-recording

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