5:2 diet – a 1-week break

The great advantage of 5:2 is that it’s a diet that can easily be sustained. However it is necessary to take breaks every now and then. Since starting in Oct 2012 I’ve had three: 2 weeks at Christmas, 1 week at Easter, and 1 week last week when we enjoyed a UK cottage break.

On breaks I eat normally. Actually that’s not true: breaks either mean extra time at home – which leads to grazing, or time away – which means eating out. The cottage holiday last week featured: plenty of sitting around; driving substituted for walking; some excellent pub meals; and a steady supply of pastries / donuts / muffins / turnovers from the local Tesco. After all that I even felt heavier.

So it was no surprise that to find that my weight had indeed gone up quite a bit, from 87.6 kg on 25 May, to 90.1 kg on 1 June.

Interestingly though, body fat remained low, and had even gone down over the same period: from 24.2% to 23.7%.

Now on a day-to-day basis body fat changes quite a bit – often with no rhyme or reason – so there’s not much to be read into individual readings. However it’s certainly true – for me – that the downward trend in body fat is much less affected by diet breaks, than weight.


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