Rainbow – an introduction

In a recent post I mentioned how much I’d enjoyed a tribute band – Rainbow Rising – clearly indicating my long-term enthusiasm for (Ritchie Blackmore’s) Rainbow.

What’s interesting is that in coming up for two years of blogging, this is my first reference to Rainbow, despite quite a bit of my blog being music-related.

I suppose the rationale is that I’ve concentrated on ‘pop’ music – where ‘pop’ is interpreted pretty widely – because pop songs are short, snappy, and potentially have instant appeal – subject to individual taste. And I’ve steered clear of ‘rock’ because the songs are longer, and the genre lends itself less well to the world of youtube and the like. In the case of Rainbow, we are into ‘heavy rock’ or ‘heavy metal’: a step yet further away from the mainstream.

There’s more to say on Rainbow. Who knows – I may even try to find a suitable youtube clip or two, just to illustrate how brilliant they were – while acknowledging that they may lack universal appeal.

Rainbow had a number of iterations, but my focus is a narrow window in the mid-1970s: in particular on two astounding studio albums, and live performances corresponding to that era. And I really should name the singer: a certain Ronnie James Dio.

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