Rainbow – an introduction to Ronnie James Dio

Around 1975-1980 I first picked up on Rainbow. A very strong band with a very strong singer.

Ronnie James Dio is the greatest rock singer of all time – in my humble opinion. By far. Nobody else comes close. Now this is a bit different from the claims I usually make – which are based around my enthusiasm for a particular song. But in this case it is entirely appropriate to give Dio, and his fantastic voice, centre stage.

Rainbow are hard rock and/or heavy metal. Those labels cover a wide range, and some of this genre leaves me cold. So I’ve chosen the clip below as an accessible start point. While Butterfly Ball is not standard Dio fare, it shows off his voice, and what a great showman he was. Remembering that this is ‘old Ronnie’: 1999 take away 1942 means he’s 57 here

The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper’s Feast – to give its full title – was a 1974 concept album. I never owned a copy so don’t know the full piece all that well. However the catchiest song – Love Is All – and its animated accompaniment, is more familiar. So this is repetition, but all in a good cause


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