Dredd (2012)

I saw Dredd on 28 September 2012. I knew little of its comic origins, and (thankfully it seems) had not seen the 1995 Sylvester Stallone version, so went in open minded. I emerged a changed man – it was that good. So when the opportunity came to buy it at Sainsbury’s for £3, I took it.

It’s gritty and quite violent, but – and I hope I’m not giving too much away – the good guys win. The imagery, soundscape, characterisation, and simplicity of plot are all fantastic.

I’m very pleased to have found this clip on youtube. Someone has lovingly combined a set of images from the film, with sections of the soundtrack. It works well, and provides a great reminder of a brilliant film – or – if you haven’t seen it – an insight into a film well worth tracking down

On the audio my favourite is ‘She’s a Pass’ at 2:37. I know what you’re thinking – this is reminiscent of Requiem by Killing Joke in 1980, isn’t it ? Here’s an audio link to the (industrial / gothic / post-punk) song on youtube. There’s a crackle or two at the beginning and end suggesting vinyl.

Finally, if you liked the main clip here’s another example. The visuals are the same but the music is a more poppy remix.


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