Nick Harper

A few weeks ago I took a punt on Nick Harper, and bought tickets to see him at The Musician, a small venue / pub in Leicester. I’d heard he was critically acclaimed as a superb acoustic guitarist, had a strong reputation as a singer-songwriter, and was a bit of a rebel. I also knew of him as son of Roy Harper, now in his 70s.

As it was Leicester we took the opportunity to sample some authentic Indian food in the Belgrave Road area. We had salt lassi and thali with simple vegetarian curries. And a rare treat: puris (flatbreads that become puffy when deep fried). We’d be happy to return to Bobby’s, although there are plenty of similar places equally worth trying.

We’ve visited Leicester a few times, enough to treat its navigation with respect, but this time the gods smiled and we didn’t get lost. The googlemaps printouts, and the fact that it was still daylight, helped. We even found The Musician, and on-street parking, with relative ease. It’s been a while since I was there last, and this time the layout included seating, with spare seats right next to the small stage.

So far so promising, but it wasn’t a completely successful evening.

Nick Harper sang, strummed, and entertained for two solid hours – which proved just a bit too much for newcomers who were unfamiliar with any of his material. I didn’t want to leave because – who knows – he might have played one of his father’s songs that I like so much. Plus being right at the front made it difficult to escape half way through ! Had he played a shorter set there’s a good chance I’d have rated the gig very highly. This was by far his most accessible number


2 thoughts on “Nick Harper

  1. Hi Peter,
    Sorry you didn’t enjoy Nick, I’ve followed him from the beginning – I suggest you buy /borrow a few of his CD’s and give him another try.

    • Appreciate your interest – thanks !
      I always ask myself – was that a perfect gig ? Usually the answer is no or not quite – so I suppose I apply quite a high standard. I’m not being overly critical – I just want to identify what was good, and what was less good.
      The other point is that although I’m keen on music I tend not to follow that many artists. More often than not – at gigs – I’m not that familiar with the artist in question. A few weeks ago I saw Peter Murphy – primarily on the strength of Bela Lugosi’s Dead !

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