Shorts !

It was last weekend, at a family barbecue, that daughter J asked whether I had any shorts.

This prompted two thoughts. Yes, I am indeed wearing long trousers on a very warm sunny day. And wait – yes – I do have some shorts don’t I – and I recalled buying them especially for our trip to Sabah (Malaysian Borneo) last September.

And there matters lay. Until this extremely warm weekend.

I went further, unearthed said shorts, dusted them off, and put them on. This event had its own shock value, but more interesting was that I’d bought these – along with a batch of other warm weather clothes – just under a year ago. And that means we are talking about a different era – before I started the 5:2 diet, and then went on to a lose a bit of weight.

And yes – the shorts were a size larger than necessary. But the waist is elasticated, so they fit alright. It’s particularly pleasing to benefit in such a way from the elastic – as opposed to needing the elastic to manage any year-on-year expansion that I could have made. Well done 5:2 !


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