The Leopard

My last post was – yikes – back in August. Admittedly the 31st but still a long time ago. My source material of ideas has not dried up – I’ve been busy, and when I do get a moment or two, other priorities present themselves. The good news is that I’ve maintained my ‘blog mindset’ – writing a blog keeps you on the lookout for events, and to appreciate the everyday in a new light.

When I have revisited this blog there is Nadine Shah – my last post – staring out at me. Fate intervened and I didn’t make it to Northampton Roadmender on Friday. But she was playing in Doncaster the following day. Now that’s an awfully long way to go on a hunch that she’d be good. My calculations were thus: well over 95% of the two lots of 90 miles are dual carriageway; and the venue – The Leopard – is a stone’s throw from the railway station, simplifying navigation, and reducing the likelihood of getting lost in an unfamiliar city.

I had a clear run up the A1, the gods smiled, I reached my intended car park, and found said Leopard straight away. I paid my £6 and found I’d arrived just in time for two half-hour support bands plus Nadine. Malpas is a melodic indie duo, and The Lake Poets is a male singer songwriter.

They were excellent. The evening was strangely memorable – hardly anyone was there. Even in a very small venue, numbers were low. Fewer than ten at the beginning, no more than 25 by the finish. It’s the only gig I’ve been to where the main act – Nadine – joined the audience. This was a little sad, but all performers played their hearts out, and it was certainly ‘intimate’. The audience was small but appreciative. Nadine Shah was brilliant – her style is a little morbid (as she herself joked) but her voice is amazing, and her band’s sound fantastic. Really glad I went.


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