Some cheering up is required

The wider family has lost a third cat this year.

Hobbes was ‘noisy, demanding, and frequently belligerent’ to borrow a phrase.

Desperately sad to lose an irreplaceable cat at the four-year mark.

This song could assist the cheering-up process

The words are accessible but it doesn’t hurt to see them written down for the lyrically challenged:

I’m gonna knock on your door
Ring on your bell
Tap on your window, too

If you don’t come out tonight
When the moon is bright
I’m gonna knock and ring and tap
Until you do

I’m gonna knock on your door (how-how)
Call out your name (how-how)
Wake up the town
You’ll see (how-how)

I’m gonna hoot-hoot and howl
Like the lovesick owl
Until you say
You’re gonna come out with me

Hey, little girl (how-how)
This ain’t no time to sleep
Let’s count kisses
Instead of countin’ sheep

How (how-how)
How can I hold ya near
With you up there and me down here?

It appears Eddie Hodges is still going strong judging by this very recent live version.


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