Christmas music – best pop versions of an Epiphany carol

Two versions of ‘We Three Kings’. Apologies but I’ve heard it sung too many times so can’t help but think of the follow-on as ‘of orien taaaar’ – rather than as originally conceived. The clips are in order of discovery, and – probably – in reverse order of accessibility.

As usual I have 6 Music to thank for alternative Christmas music. Mary Ann Hobbs played the Patti Smith version twice this Christmas. I’m not sure I actually like it, but it’s certainly interesting, and it grows on me with each listen. Youtube suggests it dates from 1997

It was as a result of finding the above that I came across this 2009 version by Blondie. In this case it was the comments section that directed me towards Blondie, for which I am duly grateful

For further reading here are wikipedia links to the carol and to Epiphany. The latter will enable you to bring the word ‘theophany’ into conversation.


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