Not really a Chuck Berry fan so I don’t know his 1955 semi-biographical original.

I generally like reggae but have much to learn, and this turns out to be the only Peter Tosh song I know. He was born Winston Hubert McIntosh, was co-founder and member of (Bob Marley and the) Wailers, had a solo career, and was murdered in 1987.

I can’t recall where I first came across this: just know it’s been a firm favourite for as long as I can remember. I think I have it as a single, and I’m pretty sure it made it onto one of my compilation cassette tapes

I did find this recent and rather good live performance by Andrew Tosh, son of Peter

Trivia 1: Peter Tosh developed an interest and became a well-known rider of unicycles.

Trivia 2: Like his father Andrew rides the unicycle.

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