Twinkle Twinkle

Daughter L has been using Spotify to rediscover some children’s music. In turn this reminded me of a fabulous kids’ cassette tape that I remember as ‘children’s songs in folk style’.

The original cassette seems to have bitten the dust, but the music was of such quality that I made two copies for the grown-ups. I still have those duplicates, and one includes a handwritten track-listing. I never did know the album’s title or who was behind it – so I was especially pleased to track down all necessary details simply by entering the first few song titles into google.

The music is by Tim Hart and Friends.

The album is My Very Favourite Nursery Rhymes.

The friends referred to include Maddy Prior, a joint founder of Steeleye Span. The nursery rhymes were essentially performed by Steeleye Span, and the original album released in 1981. I see that Tim suffered from bad health, spent recovery time in the Canary Islands, and died young in 2009, at which time the music was re-issued on CD.

Many CD review comments on Amazon relate to memories of the cassette, the huge pleasure of rediscovery, and recommendations that you don’t need kids in order to appreciate this music.

I like Three Jolly Rogues Of Lynn, Who Killed Cock Robin, Cockles & Mussels. Sadly they’re not on youtube, but this one is

Links to Tim Hart, the Nursery Rhymes album, and the Nursery Rhymes CD on Amazon.


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