Musical memories – six months on

I went to a wedding six months ago. It was very good and I rarely go to such things – so I can safely say it was the best wedding I’ve ever been to.  Many photos were taken but these two songs form my musical memories of that day.

In the morning I drove the short hop to J’s house and this version of this song was on the radio. It’s completely wonderful of course – and I do know it – but it’s curiously unfamiliar. I couldn’t have named it nor placed it in time. ‘Son’ or ‘sun’ ? Is there a well-known video ? Summer Son dates from 1999 – and this may explain things. I was around but had other things to focus on at that stage in my life

At the other end of the day, this was the most arresting song played at the disco. It dates from 2002 and despite being such a killer of a tune – I’d never heard it, and had to ask T to identify it


2 thoughts on “Musical memories – six months on

    • Disco is shorthand – perhaps I should have said ‘disco’. Happy to substitute with 1-2 words if you can supply something more accurate. P

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