Ten Years Together – thanks Dad

Dad liked Peter, Paul and Mary. He had this album and I have it now – thanks Dad.

Every song is a winner, but I’m pretty sure I’d have no awareness of this trio were it not for this ‘best of’ collection, released in 1970

And here’s the particular song that reminded me of Peter, Paul and Mary. It’s another from Mp3SuperSound, who adds good quality stereo sound to old video clips

Here’s an informative comment lifted from Amazon reviews of the album. There’s some useful background and a good explanation of their somewhat overlooked status:

Eclipsed at the time by their more “serious” peers and increasingly forgotten as the subsequent decades have passed, Peter, Paul & Mary were one of the 60’s most popular groups for good reason… they were great singers, who sang great songs. Hampered by the fact that they didn’t write most of their material and too “middle of the road” for hard core folk and folk-rock fans, time has now pretty much labelled them as “lightweight” also rans. Which is a very unfair outcome, for not only did they produce some excellent music but, as is also increasingly forgotten, they were instrumental in breaking several major folk artists into the mainstream, in particular Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger & Gordon Lightfoot.

With no retrospectives now available other than a huge, “for committed fans only” boxed set, “Ten Years Together” is the only introduction to their music currently on offer. The bad news is that it’s unfairly expensive. The good news?… It’s packed full of perfectly executed, exquisitely sung, tunes including stunningly good versions of “If I Had A Hammer”, “Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right” & “Early Mornin’ Rain” plus their beautiful interpretation of John Denver’s “Leaving on a Jet Plane” and their wonderfully tongue-in-cheek Mamas & Papa’s tribute, ” I Dig Rock and Roll Music”. Worth every penny.


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